Criminal Case Mod Apk v2.38.2 (Unlimited Energy/ Stars)

The adventure of a criminal case game is like the real murderers kill innocents, and in this case, police officers try their best to find the evidence. The first developer of the criminal case is Pretty Simple, which launched this apk on 15th November 2012. It earns massive fame from that time due to 5 million+ active players from the whole world. The criminal case mod apk has millions of downloads. You will be found in a grim grimsborough city full of killers when you start for the first time; there, you have to face many sinister evils and corruption.

Criminal Case Mod Apk v2.38.2 (Unlimited Energy/ Stars)

Players are pleased with criminal case cracked apk as detectives; the slayers kill the innocents in their homes or rooms, and our main aim is to explore the signs or any killing material that by mistake murderer throws there in the rooms. We can do this searching task with our friends by connecting criminal case mod apk terbaru through Facebook. One can have full access to make the squads that support them in any situation. 

Key Features of Criminal Case Mod Apk

Finding the Clues

Our first aim is to go to that place where this incident happened in search of the killers. Why do we go there? Because we have the opportunity to capture the murderer with the help of the killing stuff in the innocent’s room. With having a criminal case bonus, one can explore all the things as a detective. By scanning the fingerprints of the killers left on the pistols or blades, we investigate the criminals and refer them to laws. Finding signs is a challenging phase, but cit criminal case made everything easy as we have the greediness of getting prizes by helping police officers to investigate. 

Unlimited Energy and Money

The criminal case hacked apk allows us to refill the energy we lost in running and capturing slaughters. Most players are afraid to use the health energy because it will fail if they can’t arrest, but it’s a total misunderstanding; our power will automatically increase when it is about to end. Make sure you have the modded version of the criminal case apk; otherwise, you can’t be able to appreciate this feature. You have at least 100m cash, but you can make a significant asset searching for criminals by giving time to it. Similarly, you may also have a chance to achieve a lot of treasure in Animation Throwdown Mod Apk after a few hurdles and completing missions.

Coolest 3d Graphics

The criminal case’s layout and appearance while apk is so addictive that all lovers stay connected for a long time. Everything we see is self-explanatory with a clean environment in criminal case Apk unlimited energy free download; due to glossy weather and high-quality Ultra HD display. All the kinds of stuff are apparent because of the vivid colors used in the game to ease their users. 

Free of Cost

The free versions of the criminal case apk available on the google play store do not have many unlocked features as players desire. That’s why pro players recommend purchasing it or finding the modified version; that’s why we privileged you above with the download of permainan criminal case, which is free with all that key points that are locked in free versions; actually, our developer’s team hacked it and opened all resources for your convenience. Now, you can also feel the pleasure of having a criminal case apk level hacks tool.

Making a Team of Friends

It is challenging to search out the signs of killers quickly, but our friends or group makes it easy to coordinate. Criminal case games for android can connect through Facebook, and from there, we can collect our friends who are already part of the RPG (Role Play Games). It also saves a lot of time to reach out to our aims with having an acknowledged team. One can also taste-free orange juice criminal case after completing the mission. 

Bring the Killers to Justice

With the support of a team, police officers, and applying criminal case Cara cheats, we can reach out to the murderers after having the clues and arrest them. Then, our next plan is to convey them to law for justice; and give the innocents in criminal case mod apk who are no more. It is now the responsibility of the law to make a complex case against them or jail them. In reward, we get a lot of money, awards, and tremendous respect. 

Easiest Gameplay

As a detective, your responsibility is to explore the clues of killers. When you complete it, you aim to investigate all the famous slaughterers from the list who live in the same city where the home of the innocent exists. Criminal case saves the world mod apk shows us a navigation panel type layout where we can see; which criteria meet the specific one. In that case, we then report to the police, and with their help, we arrest the criminal and refer him to the law; after that, our topic will be closed, and now we are eligible to open a new case. 

Criminal Case Mod Apk v2.38.2 (Unlimited Energy/ Stars)

We can see the popup connect the Energi gratis criminal case mod apk with Facebook to gather the team for continuous support. There is no simplest way to guide you about the gameplay. If you still have not understood, then please watch this video below.   

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Bottom Lines (Conclusion)

Criminal case mod apk has made players so addicted that it reaches millions of downloads from every corner of the world. Criminal case versi Baru is the most rewarded game from that time once it comes till now. It offers never-ending infinite energy and money for ease of their users in finding traces like fingerprints. We assist you with downloading criminal cases offline for pc as well, so you can enjoy its 3d graphics on the big display.

In a Criminal case, Pacific Bay meets our character in-game with police officers to help them investigate and refer the criminals in the hands of rights. We will give you criminal case the conspiracy download with the latest updates whenever it launches in the market. If you guys love this game, then share it with your friends and time passers to become part of pleasure with you. 

People Also Ask

You can spin and collect the free rewards that criminal case pro apk offers daily basics after each 24-hours. Usually, we get almost 3000 currencies, but the modded version provides you with unlimited energy.

Play store offers you a free version of the criminal case game app with limited functionalities; however, the mod apk that we presented is free and unlocked all premium features.

There are almost more than 800 levels in this game; it depends on finding the evidence immediately. After successfully passing each level with 100+ XP, we have a great chance to make considerable assets.

Yes, this file is free of all types of viruses and threats; our team checks the demo more than 50 times; so, don’t care about this as it will not harm your phones. 

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