Dark Sword Mod Apk v2.3.6 (Unlimited Stones/ Souls) 2022

The theme lights and the dark mod of the game dark sword mod apk attract more players than the heavy fighting games. In one of the interesting games so far, the players have an opportunity to play the game in a dark mod and ride a horse on dangerous tacks.

Dark Sword Mod Apk v2.3.6 (Unlimited Stones/ Souls) 2022

Moreover, the horny lights and the dangerous tracks, covered with black darkness, present a daring challenge to the players. In the dark sword android game apk, a dragon stole the sun and went away; therefore, the whole world goes dark. However, the game’s main theme is to bring back the sun to defeat the dragons and remove darkness.

Dark Sword Mod Apk Key Points

Dark and Beautiful Graphics

Firstly, the game title represents that the world is in danger ad turns black. Therefore, the dark mod of the world represents a very fascinating and mesmerizing view. This eye-catching view attracts the players to admire the game and graphics. In addition, a very beautiful graphic system, present in the dark sword mod apk, is due to the close gate of the sun towards the world. Dragons close the gate, and you have to save the world in this game with the help of some arcane soul cheat.

The System Acquires Weapons & Power.

Knowing all about the game is big fun. Therefore, you will come to know that the dragons, which are very dangerous, close the gates of the sun. So the light vanishes from the earth, and a DST dark sword skin long-lasting darkness remains. You can unlock various features to fight against dragons. However, the players need more weapons and power to save the land, and they can unlock every type of weapon as they do in Hustle Castle Mod Apk, covered with unuttered darkness.

Different Stages & Monsters

Once you install the game, you can see many game features, including unlocking different weapons to become powerful, and you can see different dark sword mod apk max levels. Players go through different game stages to save the land from darkness. Moreover, each stage has different dangerous monsters; you have to defeat them to move on to the next stage. These monsters and dragons can stop you from protecting the sun.

Battle with Dark Dragon

Despite these levels and defeating monsters, this game contains a level where you can face a dragon that closes the gates and spreads darkness. This dragon’s level is a next-level thrill for the users as the dragons in the pure darkness present a full horny and exciting view for the players. However, while fighting with a dragon, you need more dark sword tips and weapons to cross the level.

Unlimited Stones and Souls

You can overview the game and learn that the dragon closes the sun’s gates, and the whole world goes dark. In addition, you have to do one thing that you have to form allies of the craters present on the planet to fight against the dragons. However, dark sword mod apk unlimited stones and souls with unlimited stamina, it becomes easy to defeat the enemy and darkness.

Dark Sword Gameplay

By playing the game on your mobiles, you must know all about the gameplay of the dark sword. Firstly, you know that monsters and dragons want to destroy the world about the gameplay. Dragon closes the gates from where the sun spreads the light. Darkness worldwide spreads, and you have to open the entire light gate by completing different levels in the game. One can also avail a free shopping feature as they pleasured with this in AFK Arena Mod Apk. Therefore, ensure to get huge benefits!

Dark Sword Mod Apk v2.3.6 (Unlimited Stones/ Souls) 2022

Moreover, a lot of power is required. So you have to unite all the creatures on the planet, covered by darkness, and make allies of them. You can unlock all dark sword mod apk weapons with unlimited stones and souls. With the help of a weapon, you can fight with the dragon to reach your goal. Suppose you have ever played the Toon Blast game. In that case, you may likely play this game professionally as both games are of almost the same functionalities.

How to Download & Install the Dark Sword Mod Apk in Free of Cost?

Interesting and horny thrill games attract the players more than the other games. Players interested in dark sword games can install dark sword Google play right away. Therefore, all you need is a connection without network error and enough storage for Dark Sword mod apk All Unlocked.

  • Firstly, you can open up the link to get the game to your phone.
  • Permit unknown sources; therefore, click them on from the security settings before installing.
  • Receiving permission from the phone’s setting allows you to have a dark sword mod apk game on your phones.

You can bring peace and light to the world by creating your allies in this swords and souls hacked unlimited everything game.


One of the highest potential games in which players can see thrill, honey views, darkness, and many amazing, dangerous weapons to complete all of the levels in dark sword mod apk. However, you have to pass out different levels and stages, and each level contains dangerous monsters ready to destroy you. Furthermore, you can get unlimited souls to make allies against the enemies. You can have unlimited stones to level up your game with a dark sword hack. You get unlimited hacks for Dark Sword mod apk free Shopping when you pass out each level.

Dark Sword Mod Apk v2.3.6 (Unlimited Stones/ Souls) 2022

Frequently Asked Question

The dark sword does around 68 damage having 100 uses in the game. In addition, players are well aware of the dark sword mod apk that it is one of the strongest weapons in this sword of chaos mod hack apk download, which is one of Maxwell’s stating items.

You can get unlimited hacks, and unlimited stamina is required to play this game. However, dark sword PVP is one of the best games as it contains weapons to destroy the enemy and protect you from the darkness. One can get this weapon which is one-handed easy to handle in Dark Sword MOD Apk new latest Version.

The demon’s Great ax causes more damage and helps the players in the game. This weapon has a high potential to help you during the war with dragons. Moreover, you can use dark sword cheats to destroy the monsters. 

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